Can You Help?

(Photo from Pixabay)

HELP NEEDED: Here we are in September. Winter is inevitable, and the need for shelter persists. Here’s an opportunity to take the reins!

The South Snohomish County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, known as We All Belong has operated in Lynnwood and Edmonds since 2008, and ENAC has had a team to serve the Wednesday night/Thursday morning guests for the past two years. ENAC wants to continue participating, but this year our co-team leads need to step back from the leadership role. We need a new team lead and are fervently hoping that one (or two) of you will step up and claim the team lead position for the ENAC team. Our former leads will still volunteer to work on the nights or mornings when the team is serving, and will be happy to share the process, lists of volunteers and their experiences with the new team lead(s). We All Belong’s board will do a thorough orientation in October.

Please contact or contact us here if you are ready to be an ENAC team lead or if you want to learn more about what’s involved.

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