QMN to Discuss “Test” (2013)

(Graphic by Elijah Janka)

Monday, November 22, 7-8:30 p.m.

Currently meeting on the Zoom platform.

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Test (2013) description by QMN regular Matt Lawrence

(Now streaming on Amazon Prime and kanopy.com.)

After over three decades of self-imposed “morality monitoring”, Hollywood’s Hays Code finally collapsed in the late 1960’s.  Movies could now portray LGBT+ characters other than queer-coded villains (and the occasional tragic victim).  Out of touch with the community they had rigorously ignored, Hollywood continued to neglect LGBT+ representation, and those that didn’t often fell back on stereotypes to establish a character’s gayness.  

Fortunately, good writers set about breaking these stereotypes in search of more interesting characters.   They challenged audiences with stories of gay athletes, soldiers, and cowboys.  These efforts were important and worthwhile, but neglected stories from professions known for a greater – though guarded – tolerance of gay men (despite the sometimes legendary contributions of gay men).  Test, the 2013 film by writer/director Chris Mason Johnson, is a corrective to this pattern. 

Set in a modern dance company in San Francisco during the mid-80’s, Test is both an observant look at dance from the perspective of a performing artist, and a rare and frightening snapshot of a city and community in the early days of a horrific epidemic.  READ MORE

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