Cold Weather Shelter Team has New Leaders and a New Night

Thanks to Lisa U. and Andria L. for stepping up and leading our Cold Weather Shelter Team! This year our night to volunteer will be Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings. The team typically will be called upon three to five times during the months the shelter is open, when the temperature is expected to be 34 degrees or lower.

This year there will be more advanced notice as the decision to open the shelter will be made the day before rather than the morning of. Volunteers must be vaccinated for Covid 19 and Covid safety protocols will be followed.

Contact us or fill out the form at We All Belong Volunteer Sign up.

1 thought on “Cold Weather Shelter Team has New Leaders and a New Night

  1. Thanks, ENAC for your support of those in our community who would otherwise be outside in freezing weather overnight! We could definitely use more volunteers. The evening commitment is only about 2.5 hours and done by ~9. The morning is about 1.5 hours and done by 7:30. There’s flexibility if needed.

    Also, one of the things the teams do is provide dinner/breakfast. If you can’t volunteer your time, please consider making a donation at to help cover the costs of the ENAC team’s meals.

    Much appreciation for your activism and action!

    -Andria L (one of the new cold weather shelter team leads)


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