QMN to Discuss “Major!” (2015)

(Graphic by Elijah Janka)

Monday, February 28, 7-8:30 p.m.

Currently meeting on the Zoom platform. See this page to learn how Queer Movie Night works. We view the movie prior to meeting for our discussion.

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Description by Berry Lopez, QMN regular:

Content Warning: discussion of sex work, mention of sexual assault, depiction of incarceration of a trans woman, discussion of abuse of prisoners

MAJOR! takes a dive into the life and work of transgender rights advocate and community organizer Major Griffin-Gracey. From her advocacy for sex-workers to incarcerated trans women, Major has dedicated her life to fostering love, chosen family, and ‘giving a damn’ into the communities often neglected by mainstream LGBT advocacy efforts. This documentary details the impact of her presence and contributions to the transgender community particularly trans women of color.

I love this documentary because it’s important to remember the conditions that sparked the LGBTQ rights movement. So many of our trans elders worked hard to survive in the pre-Stonewall era and this documentary asks us to keep record of their stories and ask ourselves how we can continue to fight for those who need us. It shows how one person can be a beacon to so many through the simple yet revolutionary act of love. Major’s dedication to her community is inspiring and uplifting to see.

Major! is available to rent on Amazon Video for $2.99 and Vimeo for $3.99

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