Emergency Cold Weather Shelter Team

General Information on the Team

The Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is closed for the season. Check back for updated information in the fall!

Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition has a team of volunteers working at the South Snohomish County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings when the shelter is open—generally when the temperature is 34 degrees or less. We plan for three to five nights of being called upon during the months the shelter is open.

Here are some updates to the operation of the shelter for this season:

1) Each volunteer must attest that they have been vaccinated for Covid 19.

2) There will be more advance notice this year as the shelter will be making the decision to open the day before instead of the morning of the opening.

3) COVID safety practices will continue to be part of standard operating procedures.

The shelter is still looking for volunteers for morning clean-up crews and Wednesday night (later start time) if another day would work better for you. You may complete the volunteer sign up form at We All Belong Volunteer Sign up.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer for the 2021-2022 season.

The website for the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter is at http://www.weallbelong.org

Updated 30 April 2022

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