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7:00-8:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each Month

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QUEER MOVIE NIGHT works like a book club; participants view the same movie independently, and meet via Zoom on the 4th Monday of each month for a group discussion of that month’s film. If you don’t have access to the movie or the service where he movie is streaming, have a question, or would like to be added to our QMN mailing list ( Queer Movie Night related information and occasional items or events of special interest are sent to this mailing list), contact us and we can help! Contact Queer Movie Night

Monday, July 26, Upstairs Inferno (2015)

Introductory essay by Johnny Townsend:

Upstairs Inferno Reveals Tragic, Almost-Forgotten LGBTQ History

On the morning of Monday, June 25, 1973, I looked at the front page of the Times-Picayune, New Orleans’ leading newspaper, and saw a photo that changed my life. A man was looking upward in horror, crying. Other photos showed me why. A brown leather shoe and part of a leg protruded out of a barred window, the rest of the man still inside burned. A few feet away were the charred head and arms of another man who’d died halfway out a window. 

Only eleven years old at the time, it wasn’t until I came out in my mid-twenties that I learned the Upstairs Lounge was a gay bar. Wanting to learn more, I kept researching until I realized I had gathered enough material for the first book on the fire. Many years later, I was an associate producer on the documentary, Upstairs Inferno. While my book and the two that followed decades later all offer material not found elsewhere, this documentary offers the fastest in-depth look at an important moment in LGBTQ history.


Upstairs Inferno is available to rent on Amazon Video for $4.99 and we will have it available for free streaming. Contact us for access.

Upcoming movies:

Aug 23–Quatro Lunas
Sept 27–High Art 

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