Upcoming Featured Storytellers for the Under the Rainbow Storytelling Series

Jen Curcio

Monday, November 8, 2021

(Photo courtesy of Jen Curcio)

JEN CURCIO is a storyteller, podcaster, and writer from Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia. She is a Moth Storyslam winner and the host and writer of The Frightline podcast. 

Riley Silverman

Monday, December 13, 2021

(Photo courtesy of Riley Silverman)

RILEY SILVERMAN is a writer, comedian, and professional geek. She’s a contributing writer for Nerdist and Fandom, the award-winning sci-fi podcast, Bubble, as well as SYFY’s Forgotten Women of Genre limited podcast series. She has rolled dice on numerous actual-play D&D and Roleplaying shows, including in the role of Braga for the official tabletop adaptation of Rat Queens. Her comedy album Intimate Apparel was a #1 bestseller. She lives in Los Angeles, California and she is certain that her lightsaber would have a white kyber crystal.

Pernell Quilon

January 10, 2022

PERNELL QUILON is a ghostwriter and gay man based in Los Angeles. He peaked as a writer/illustrator for the cult-favorite newsletter Today in Tabs, when his daily cartoons got a shoutout in The Atlantic. Pernell previously worked in creative development for reality programming with MTV, Snapchat’s Vertical Networks, and Scout Productions of “Queer Eye”. He also wrote for Brother, a millennial lifestyle brand with over 20 million Snapchat subscribers, and is a contributing author to their HarperCollins-published book How To Not Be A Dick. He penned groundbreaking essays like “Is Everybody Having Anal Without Me?” and “5 Ways to Have Better Gay Sex.”

His parents are like, super proud.

Pernell also enjoys acting, storytelling, and dogs with interesting haircuts. He currently writes with Buzzfeed as an Editorial Lifestyle Fellow.

Visit Pernell’s website at https://pernellquilon.mystrikingly.com

Sue Searing

February 14, 2022

Updated 11 October 2021

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