Upcoming Storytellers

Jen Curcio

Monday, November 8, 2021

(Photo courtesy of Jen Curcio)

JEN CURCIO is a storyteller, podcaster, and writer from Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia. She is a Moth Storyslam winner and the host and writer of The Frightline podcast. 

Riley Silverman

Monday, December 13, 2021

(Photo courtesy of Riley Silverman)

RILEY SILVERMAN is a writer, comedian, and professional geek. She’s a contributing writer for Nerdist and Fandom, the award-winning sci-fi podcast, Bubble, as well as SYFY’s Forgotten Women of Genre limited podcast series. She has rolled dice on numerous actual-play D&D and Roleplaying shows, including in the role of Braga for the official tabletop adaptation of Rat Queens. Her comedy album Intimate Apparel was a #1 bestseller. She lives in Los Angeles, California and she is certain that her lightsaber would have a white kyber crystal.

Pernell Quilon

January 10, 2022

Visit Pernell’s website at https://pernellquilon.mystrikingly.com

Sue Searing

February 14, 2022

Updated 15 September 2021

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