Queer Movie Night to Discuss “Santa & Andres (2016)”

(Graphic by Elijah Janka)

Monday, October 25, 7-8:30 p.m.

Currently meeting on the Zoom platform.

Zoom Link for Queer Movie Night:


Santa & Andres (2016)

By Bruno George, Queer Movie Night Regular:

The Cuban government tried to quash the distribution of this drama about a gay writer, and it’s easy to see why. During the days in which the story unfolds, the fictional Andrés Diaz (Eduardo Martinez) lives under something like house arrest, surveilled by a party member, Santa (Lola Amores), who has been tasked with seeing that Andrés doesn’t disrupt the “peace forum” underway in Havana. But even apart from this direct application of the state’s force in the person of the watchful Sana, Andrés’s life is deformed in other ways, and it’s to the credit of director Carlos Lechuga that this damage is shown with great economy, visually rather than in words. READ MORE

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